Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Elementary School Poems

Introducing....the second half of our PPP-POP! (Yes, PPP-POP = Public Poetry Project - Pass on Poetry, a very alliterative phrase). This week, we will go forth into two (thus far) Champaign elementary schools, Kenwood and Bottenfield, and have third and fourth graders "capture the essence" of the following poems with art. We hope we can eventually display this art in local libraries.

Today I Touched the Buffalobster
Kenn Nesbitt

Today I touched the buffalobster
and the goldfishark,
the eagleopard, ocelotter,
and the weaselark.

I fed the frogorilla
and I felt the reindeerat.
I prodded the piguana
and I scratched the alpacat.

I gazed at the gazellephant.
I gawked at the gooseal.
I caught the cockroachimpanzeebra
and the bumblebeel.

I pet the parroturtle,
and the pelicangaroo.
It's freaky, but it's fun here
at the Mutant Petting Zoo.


Carl Sandburg

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.


  1. Buffalobsters are scary. Don't touch them.
    This one's my favorite one yet!

  2. I really liked the fog poem. Somehow for me, the cat metaphor just really worked in describing the fog.
    -Daniel Cheng

  3. These are such great poems for children to illustrate. I know that my little sister would definitely enjoy trying to draw all of the animals in the first poem. (She actually does some stuff like this on her own, making up Pokemon and such.)

    - Lisa Boyce